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Ms. Varsha Upadhyay

Director HR

Ms. Varsha Upadhyay is a highly experienced and accomplished HR professional with an impressive 20-year track record in Human Resource Management. Her academic background includes a Post Graduate Certification in Human Resource from XLRI, one of the most prestigious college.
addition, she holds Masters degrees in Commerce and Computer Application, showcasing her multidisciplinary approach to her profession.

Throughout her career, Ms. Upadhyay has demonstrated versatility by working across diverse industries, including telecom, e-commerce, advertising, IT, and startups. Her expertise lies in establishing and nurturing HR departments within these organizations. She has the unique ability to build teams from the ground up, transforming them into high-performing units that contribute
significantly to the overall success of the organization.

One of Ms. Upadhyay's key strengths is her proficiency in creating robust teams and fostering an environment that encourages and motivates team members to deliver their best performance. Her competence in understanding the dynamics of human resources, coupled with her strategic mindset,
enables her to align the goals of the organization with the development and success of its workforce.

With a rich background and diverse experience, Ms. Varsha Upadhyay stands out as a competent HR professional who not only understands the intricacies of human resource management but also excels in the strategic aspects of building and leading successful teams. Her commitment to
excellence and her ability to adapt to various industries make her a valuable asset in the field of HR.