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In the realm of leadership, recruiting the perfect team is paramount. While many recruiters suggest expanding your budget or lowering standards, we at 'Online Remoters' have pioneered a superior approach.

Identify high-Caliber experts in non-traditional talent sources—while staying within budget. 

Effortless AI-driven shortlisting slashes time-to-fill by an impressive 80%.

Rely on our Silicon Valley-grade skill vetting for unparalleled expertise and guaranteed productivity.

Bid farewell to compromise; elevate your team with 'Online Remoters".

We don’t just Find the Needle, We Remove The Haystack. Here’s How.

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We've spent a decade building the world’s largest database of qualified remote professionals.

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We only shortlist the best 1% in both subject expertise and aptitude. Average doesn’t cut it.


Candidates prove core skills & pass stringent vetting—so you can trust them.

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Overseas experts are just as talented as local ones... and your budget goes further.

 Online Remoters provides an outstanding, tailored recruiting process that surfaces top talent who fit our organization well.

Dr.Ram Prasad 
Director of k-8 

 Building great teams is crucial for managers, but it's challenging. Online Remoters tames this challenge with world-class experience, tools, and processes to find the best global talent.

Dr.Syam Singh 
Head of Product 

 The next generation of recruitment

Online Romoters is no fledgling startup.

We've spent 10 years solving the biggest problems of old-fashioned hiring methods:

 How to find the best person when you don't know where they are, and job ads can only be posted in one city.

 How to objectively shortlist 30,000+ applications, when research shows résumé screening datapoints predict success as accurately as a candidate's star sign.

 How to assess faraway candidates without bias, when you've never heard of their alma mater or workplace.

 How to streamline international contracts and payroll, when even the basics like job titles and communication norms are completely different in every country.

  How to eliminate fraudulent behaviour, from watching cat videos all day to moonlighting five full-time jobs.

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 All candidates hired through Online Remoters have been great ...and so was the turnaround time.

 Rohan Singh 
Co-Founder &ceo
Forward Kitchen

Frequently  Asked Questions

Online Remoters Prime can currently be used to find talent in the following roles in the Individual Contributor category:

  1. Software Engineers (Junior/Mid/Senior)
  2. Customer Support Engineers (L1/L2/L3)
  3. Sales Representatives (Sales Development/Inside Sales)
  4. Accountants or Finance Associates

While Online Remoters can staff for virtually any type of role, not all are available under Prime at this time. The catalog of available roles will grow over time and we are happy to hear from you about what roles you would like added next.

No. The talent you hire enters a contractor agreement directly with Online Remoters. Online Remoters will then invoice you for the approved worked hours.

By default, you will enter a service agreement with Online Remoters that facilitates delivering of the staffing and workforce management products and services. In addition to this, you may ask contractors to sign supplementary agreements directly with your company, such as NDAs.

No. Onilne Remoters specializes in long-term full-time collaborations and does not operate in the gig or project-based market. While we are not asking that you commit to a minimum contract term, you should know Onilne Remoters talent is in search of a full-time long-term job.

We strive for you to have the first interview after a few days, issue your first offer within 1-2 weeks and they’ll start working for you in another 2-4 weeks.

Our preference is to create a fair, open relationship between job seekers and hiring companies. We advise a 2-week notice period in the case of an amiable termination. Same-day terminations are possible if the circumstances require them.

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